Workers Comp Investigations

Specializing in Personal Injury Investigations, Thompson Investigations assists both corporations and individuals to ensure that no fraudulent activities occur. Whether you have been in an automobile accident, physically attacked, or even bitten by a dog, our investigation procedures will identify the wrongdoings that you have experienced. Our team of investigative experts works closely with you and your legal representation to make certain that all of the facts are uncovered and that your personal injury investigations proceed as needed.


Worker's Compensation Cases are always a delicate issue. Whether you are the injured, or the company facing the worker's compensation claims, our investigations team will assist and provide the necessary investigative tactics to prevent any fraudulent activities. As the injured, you need to be reassured that your company will follow through with its worker's compensation program. We will testify and work with your legal team to show that your injury was a direct result of company negligence or faulty machinery, etc. For companies, we will review your worker's compensation cases and investigate to make certain no fraudulent activity is occurring.