Career Opportunities with Thompson

Thompson & Associates Investigations Services has a reputation as a constantly growing progressive company calls for us to recruit and retain only the most dynamic and qualified individuals in their fields. The Thompson Investigations team thrives on accountability of our core values, and a strong work ethic. We are committed to providing a corporate environment of mutual respect and understanding that promotes open communication, personal and professional development, long-term employees and long-term success.


We are a full service investigative firm specializing in all aspects of insurance defense. Due to our explosive growth, the quality of our staff, and based on our commitment to service, we are recruiting team members in the southwest. We are actively seeking Full-time Surveillance Investigators. A brief job description is outlined below.


Full-time Surveillance Investigators:

The primary function of the field agent is to independently conduct video surveillance from a vehicle for 8-12 hours at a time. During the course of a typical investigation, the field investigator must apply a number of investigative skills and techniques. Conducting extensive surveillance of individuals suspected of committing insurance fraud. Investigators must discreetly tail these individuals for 8-10 hours a day. Field investigators are required to document the individual’s activities on videotape and provide written reports on the investigation.



  • Review and Analyze case notes
    Review notes and data provided by the client and perform an independent review of prior investigative reports conducted for the assignment to formulate a strategy for attaining positive results. Examine and study the specific client handling instructions to ensure strict compliance. Verify existing information for consistency and develop additional intelligence information and leads through learned investigative methods. These methods may be acquired through collegiate study, prior investigative experience, and/or comprehensive training. Conduct database research via the internet and through the county courthouse and examine records for pertinent information.
  • Surveillance
    Travel to, locate and establish an effective stationary position that allows the field agent to observe and document the activities of the individual under investigation without creating or arousing suspicions in the area. Formulate and execute a legal and suitable pretext to justify the field agent’s presence within a given area so as not to compromise the integrity of the investigation. Formulate and execute a telephone or physical interview designed to positively establish the presence of the individual under investigation within the provided location. Exercise constant discretion and judgment as to the specific State and Federal laws pursuant to legal and ethical investigation. Apply learned skills and techniques in order to discreetly follow and video the subject under investigation. The field investigator must alter his/her physical appearance, in order to adapt to the environment.
  • Compiling written reports
    Utilizing learned skills and techniques, field agents must formulate an accurate and comprehensive detailed written report outlining all relevant facts of the investigation, which includes a summary of the observed activities. The field investigator is also required to annotate each investigative file he/she works on, paying particular attention providing relevant leads, clues and observation associated with the investigation. Testify in depositions and court hearings regarding investigative errors as well as provide physical evidence upon request from assigned counsel. Field investigators are required to have the proper training, qualifications and expertise to assess and evaluate conditions on a case by reviewing pertinent videotape and written documentation of his/her findings.

All positions require extensive travel to various locations within our service areas, with overnight stays up to 10-12 days in succession. All reasonable expenses are reimbursed. All positions are required to provide their own transportation for conducting field surveillance and/or investigations. The vehicle must be company standard such as a mini-van, SUV, or a pickup truck. The vehicle must be in excellent working condition with proper insurance coverage and a current registration.


If you meet these basic requirements, please fill out our online application, download our employment application and fax to (505) 883-6075, or email your resume in Word document format to jthompson@thompsoninvestigations.com.